Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 [Note:  this is another in a series of postings that were originally hosted by Apple but went away when Apple cancelled mobileme.com.]
  Second only to gaffer's tape, this silicone repair tape product is a real "jack-of-all-trades".  You can use it for everything from sealing a leaky hose to wrapping the handles of your tools to lashing things together or in place of electrical tape.  

  The interesting thing about this self-fusing silicone-based tape is that it uses no adhesive to bond to itself.  You stretch and wrap the tape around the object and it bonds tightly to itself but not the object.  I use this stuff in a variety of applications and it is really amazing.  

  You can read more about Rescue Tape it here.

  If you purchase it here I get a small consideration.